Monday, September 23, 2013

MSN Exclusive Polyphonic Spree Video Premiere


When Polyphonic Spree burst on the scene more than a decade ago it seemed almost gimmicky -- founder Tim DeLaughter's band was a huge group of singers tackling rock songs. But it was far from gimmicky and worked - which is why the band is still around today with its latest album, "Yes, It's True."

And here's a new video.

"What Would You Do" is "one of the most lyric heavy songs I've written to date, in a few ways. Wordy and exact examples in my real life lived out. The idea of making a video for this song seemed somewhat daunting. I wanted it to be literal in one sense yet interesting and abstract. Ben Rowe pretty much nailed it without ever having a conversation with me prior. I love it!" said DeLaughter.

"As an animator, working with a Polyphonic Spree song is such a dream--there are a million sounds, big and small, to respond to and personify. I approached this video as a psychedelic tragedy, which I believe is a fitting genre with which to pair the Spree," director Rowe added. "This video is an experiment with allowing content direct narrative. Whatever scraps of neat old bits of newsprint I could find, I used. Having little or no control over what images would be at my disposal, each new clip became a grand, blind leap of faith."