Monday, September 23, 2013

MSN Exclusive Polyphonic Spree Video Premiere


When Polyphonic Spree burst on the scene more than a decade ago it seemed almost gimmicky -- founder Tim DeLaughter's band was a huge group of singers tackling rock songs. But it was far from gimmicky and worked - which is why the band is still around today with its latest album, "Yes, It's True."

And here's a new video.

"What Would You Do" is "one of the most lyric heavy songs I've written to date, in a few ways. Wordy and exact examples in my real life lived out. The idea of making a video for this song seemed somewhat daunting. I wanted it to be literal in one sense yet interesting and abstract. Ben Rowe pretty much nailed it without ever having a conversation with me prior. I love it!" said DeLaughter.

"As an animator, working with a Polyphonic Spree song is such a dream--there are a million sounds, big and small, to respond to and personify. I approached this video as a psychedelic tragedy, which I believe is a fitting genre with which to pair the Spree," director Rowe added. "This video is an experiment with allowing content direct narrative. Whatever scraps of neat old bits of newsprint I could find, I used. Having little or no control over what images would be at my disposal, each new clip became a grand, blind leap of faith."

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sara Hickman Releases "The Trouble With Boxes" Video

Today is the release of an animated video for "The Trouble With Boxes". It is available through Performing Songwriter, one of my favorite magazines EVAH. The video was created by a wunderkind out of Dallas named Benjamin Rowe Violet. How do you see it? How do you embrace it? How do you tell all your friends about it and especially that one guy you know who runs the Jumbotron in Times Square? Simple! Just go to